Madisonville Christian Fellowship
3973 Highway 21 East.
Madisonville Texas, 77864
Job Posting MCF05

Position: Children’s Minister
Posting Number: MCF05
Opens: 05-15-2017
Closes: 07-01-2017
Salary: $27,000 a year plus Housing and Utilities. (Call for details on housing.)
Total package is around $39,000 yearly, including housing and utilities.

Requirement’s: A born again Christian of like faith, who has felt a call from God to work in children’s ministry. A love for God’s word. A love for children and their families. Strong organizational and leadership skills. Graduation from an accredited High School or its equivalent.

Preferences: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a Religious Study area. Experience in children’s ministry. I.e., Previous job experience as a children’s minister, internship in a children’s ministry, working as a volunteer in a children’s ministry.

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Application process:

  1. Fill out a Madisonville Christian Fellowship employment application.
    Download Here.
  2. Write a one to two-page essay about your salvation experience, your calling into children’s ministry, and list your qualifications using the requirements and preferences listed above.
  3. Provide proof of education.
  4. Provide at least three personal references and their contact information. Preferably someone who can testify to your calling in the children’s ministry area, as well as provide witness to your love for Christ.
  5. Mail all completed documentation to: 
    Madisonville Christian Fellowship
    3973 Highway 21 East
    Madisonville Texas, 77864.
  6. All applications and supporting documents must be turned in by July 01st, 2017.

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