Nehemiah 2 Rise up and build: Accept the Challenge!
Bro. Joshua Schwarz
September 29, 2019

Michael Jordan Story

32-point average… 8 points per quarter… 4 shots

Nehemiah 2:1- 20

  1. Start with a Goal (1-3)
    1. Nehemiah had been burdened for four months with the condition of his people in Jerusalem
      1. He had been praying for favor with the king
      2. This was a short time really compared to Abraham who waited 25 years for a son, or Moses who waited 40 years
        1. Plans always take prayer but we should have a plan… a goal
        2. Proverbs 29a: KJV Where there is no vision, the people perish
    2. Because of this burden on his heart Nehemiah sought God’s will above his own
    3. Vs 3 I was overwhelmed with fear – He was scared to take action for good reason.
      1. The king had supreme authority. A sad demeanor would appear suspicious
      2. He was fearful but he had to carry out what God had called him to
  2. Seize the Opportunity (4 – 10)
    1. Vs 4 the king asked so I prayed – Here Nehemiah went to God for strength, courage, and the right words.
      1. When we enter into kingdom conversation… we must invite God
    2. Vs 5- 8 Nehemiah had to risk it to get the biscuit… He just laid out his plan and trusted God with the results
      1. He had been dreaming of this moment for a long time and finally he assured the king of his capability in God by laying out the vision
      2. Vs. 8b – The king granted my requests for the gracious hand of my God was upon me.
        1. Mrs. Dorothy story (No Name)
    3. Vs 9 – 10 The result
      1. The king showed him favor but some were opposed (we’ll come back to those opposed)
      2. As we begin to do the work God has called us to, we might face opposition, but the King is on our side
        1. Remember the men who lowered their friend through the roof in Luke 5. They took a faithful risk and it made all the difference.
  3. Study the Situation (11-16)
    1. Nehemiah went and did his homework. He studied the ins and outs of what the task was that laid ahead. He wanted to know for himself the situation so that he might inspire change.
      1. As Christians engaged in action, we too must see the spiritual devastation around us, and we must be burdened for the destruction that is happening in the hearts of people all around us. Our families, our churches, our community.
    2. Nehemiah took the time to prepare himself for what lay ahead
      1. This is what we did here last week by relaunching small groups. This is one way we prepare for what lies ahead.
        1. Celebrate the victories! These people are accepting the challenge and have decided to let God work on their hearts!
  4. Sell out to the Cause! (17 – 20)
    1. Vs 17 Jerusalem lies in ruins – Our hearts are lying in ruins… The hearts of those around us are lying in ruins
      1. There is a situation and God is the one who will ordain the way, but we must sell out to the vision and mission He has given us.
    2. Vs 17 Come let us rebuild Jerusalem’s walls – We can do this together! We can accept the teaching and training God has for us and build up those around us. Here he calls out to the people and urges them to join him. We need to join Him! WE need to join King Jesus and fight for what He has already declared us victorious in!
    3. Vs 18 their response was – LETS GO! Let’s start rebuilding and THEIR HANDS WERE STRENGTHENED TO DO THIS GOOD WORK!
      1. All God needed from them was their willingness and dedication!
    4. Vs 19 they were mocked and despised – This will happen, but look at their response
      1. Vs 20 the God of heavens is the one who will grant us success. WE HIS SERVANTS WILL START BUILDING!
        1. Sold out and bought out regardless of what came against them
        2. We should commit to what God has called us to with the same passion!

Many of them/you? recognize that Jerusalem laid in ruins, but do you recognize that you too lay in ruins. You’re are the modern-day temple of the Holy Spirit. Nehemiah was a great leader that shaped the arc of history forever, but it was because he followed God! There is a great leader you should be following too. Jesus! He desires to help you rebuild your life in His presence. He desires to help you overcome what’s keeping you from your purpose. He desires to help you influence change in someone’s life. He Loves you and it is time for you to rise up and build His kingdom by growing your heart, and inspiring change around you!

Nehemiah and Michael Jordan both carried small goals, but it was accomplishing those small goals that led to great victory!