Madisonville Christian Fellowship

The beginning…

In 1951, land was purchased at 206 N McIver Street, Madisonville, TX, and our church, Central Baptist Church under the Baptist Missionary Association, was built. Under the leadership of Bro. W.R. Richie, our church began.

In 1957, we changed our name to Second Baptist Church and joined the Southern Baptist Convention.

Over the years, improvements were made to enlarge and remodel the building. In 1997, our sanctuary roof collapsed, and we began meeting in our fellowship hall. Then in 2004, we constructed a new sanctuary.

In 2008, we again changed our name and became Madisonville Christian Fellowship. Over the next few years, we began to outgrow our sanctuary. Early in 2011, we purchased the 7 acres where our church currently stands.

In 2012, after lots of prayer, we made the decision to move our Sunday morning services to the Madisonville High School Auditorium. In 2014, we began construction on our new facility. And on June 28, 2015, we held our first service in our new sanctuary.

In 2017, we began construction on additional classrooms and opened a preschool at our facility – The Learning Spot at MCF.

And then came the fire…
During the night on March 14, 2018, a fire started in our sanctuary. By the grace of God, the heat from the fire caused the front doors to move and the security alarms went off. Also, by the grace of God, the fire was contained to the sanctuary and smothered itself out. But the smoke damage to our church facility was extensive.

By Sunday, March 18, 2018, our leadership had a large tent erected in our back parking lot, and we began Sunday services in a tent. We, then, purchased a larger tent and put it up in our front parking lot. And so began, the tent services at MCF.

We are very thankful to our contractors and insurance company for their efforts to help us during this time. And for all they did to get us back in our church facility as quickly as possible.

In July, we were able to move our services into our fellowship hall. And on October 14th, we moved back into our sanctuary. And we are moving ahead with what God has called us to do – Love God, Love People and Make Disciples.

Pastors of our church:

1951 – 1958 – Bro. W.R. Richie

1958 – 1970 – Bro. A.H. Neal

1970 – 1973 – Bro. Dennis Tracy

1973 – 1974 – Bro. Charles Bartie (interim)

1974 – 1980 – Bro. Walter Van Sickle

1980 – 1992 – Bro. Sid Myers

1992 – 1992 – Bro. Logan Garrett (interim)

1992 – 1999 – Bro. Glenn Campbell

1999 – 2008 – Bro. Sid Myers

2008 – 2017 – Bro. Wade Phillips

2018 – 2020 – Bro. Joshua Schwarz

2021 – 2021 Bro. Terry Williams (interim)

2022 – Current – Bro. Jack Andrews.