I have been serving at MCF since 2008. This church has been my home and has grown me into the follower Christ that I am today. Through God’s grace I have found redemption and do my best to walk as a new creation. I haven’t always led a God centered life, but God uses my testimony nearly every day for His glory. I am honored to serve at MCF. This place holds a major part of my heart. There are so many great people who are Kingdom focused, and their focus on the cross inspires me. I only wish to honor God and serve His people faithfully. He has given me a heart for discipleship, and it is our main focus here.

I am honored to be a home town boy. Currently I am enrolled as a student at Criswell College, and look forward to seeing how God can use this blessing to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. To God be the glory.

Youth Minister

I am unashamed of the gospel. My deepest desire in this life is to see Christ glorified among every nation, tribe, tongue, and people. My heart is deeply broken for the unreached and unengaged peoples of the world. I see the Church as having more than enough resources to reach them through the working of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I feel called to mobilize the Body, specifically students, in engaging these peoples.

Students are at a very pivotal point in their life. They will either embrace their faith in Christ and begin to fall deeply in love with the church, or they could see their faith as nothing more than tradition and the church as a building where they have no place. My aim is to show students the joy of walking in Jesus, thus filling them with a dissatisfaction for the glory Christ is receiving from the people around them and among the nations.I see accomplishing this mission through studying the Bible with them book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse. Also, accompanying a healthy study of the Word with accountability among students and discipleship by parents or older members of the body. Furthermore, presenting the students with ample opportunities to share the gospel in their community and among the nations.My hope is that, through the Word and the people of God, these students will see themselves as an equal part of the body, sharing in the work Christ is doing in and through Madisonville Christian Fellowship.

Our church’s leadership body has two parts

the Elder Board and the Deacon Board.
Each side is made up of God-fearing, Bible believing, Christian men elected to their positions by the church body.

The Elder Board is responsible for the business and secular affairs of the church.

Our deacons assist our pastor to help oversee the needs of our church members.