Liberated to Walk with Intention

If you were to describe the term “free” to a fellow Christian, what would you say? Would you identify the word “free” as a noun, adjective, or a verb? Furthermore, can the state of being free be earned? Many of us have heard this word used in sermons, worship songs and even in casual conversation with our brothers and sisters. A year ago, I would have said that the word had to do with liberty and independence like I had been taught in history class. Today, I would describe it completely different as would many of you. In Galatians 5:1, Paul tells the people: “For freedom, Christ set us free. Stand firm then and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery.”  At this moment, Paul is straight forward in his response to the false teachings that some Gentiles have been exposed to. It was told to the people that in order to be saved the believers must follow traditional Jewish customs; therefore, earning their salvation. Paul knew this was incorrect and quickly taught the Galatians that it was God’s gift of grace that set them free. Today, this wayward thinking still circles around many believers and we fall prey to the lie that we can somehow earn our salvation. We freely give more and more of ourselves in hopes that one person might call us a saint; yet, we live our lives completely going through the motions. I know because I have been there. For years, I showed up to church every Sunday with a friendly smile and warm hug waiting for someone to notice. I worshipped like everyone else, listened to the sermon and prayed the prayers. I was waiting for the affirmation that I “looked like a Christian.” The only problem was that my heart was not chasing the right person’s affection. I was so caught up in looking like the “perfect” church member that I let my need for perfection distract me from the only one who could set me free from the acceptance of others. The void I felt in my life was chained up to the lies that I allowed the world to attach to me. Freedom never tasted sweeter than it did the moment I allowed my pride to die and Christ to come alive inside of me.

You see, the enemy has a sneaky way of making us feel like our dirt, junk, and baggage can never be erased. He will turn our thoughts around and make us work overtime to compensate for the person we used to be. He loathes the day our chains are cut loose, and our hearts are forever changed. This is why it is important to remember what Paul told the Galatians. Our freedom comes from Christ. He didn’t make us earn it, and he never asks us to add to it. He desires to love us and care for us every second of our lives. His blood took our filth and made it clean. Being set free is no longer a statement used to assert political independence. Instead, it is an intentional decision we make every day to be obedient in our faith and actively pursue

Christ. Freedom requires us to continuously wage war against the enemy and his snares. Freedom asks us to wake up each day intent on walking closer with Christ and desiring to fulfill his purpose for our life. Nothing can take away the freedom that Christ so freely gave to you, but the world will try to compromise it by distracting you from your time spent with God. Your greatest assurance can easily be turned into a pit if you are not constantly digging deeper into your faith. To reiterate the words of Paul, “Stand firm then and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery.”

In His Love,