Serve Well

Last Tuesday, my History and Theology of Missions class was assigned a field trip to the International Museum of Cultures, in Duncanville, TX. There was somewhat of an expectation on my part. I assumed that it would be simply a tour of cultures from around the world. I assumed it would only be a tour of different clothes, different weapons, different living situations, and maybe even a look into the faiths that dominate each region. That is exactly what it was, but the effect it had on me is something that I will never forget.

Upon arrival, there was a man, old and slow. He took our payment and sent us on our way. I assumed that it was a tour, complete with guide and all. This tour was just my classmates and I turned loose in the museum with all the artifacts, many ancient. A room full of young men and ancient weapons from around the world? This seemed like devastation waiting to happen. The museum was set up into different sections such as North America, Central, South America, Asia, Europe, etc. However, the museum centered on one or two specific cultures from each region. Not too far into the tour, I engaged in a conversation with one of my classmates. He came from a country just north of Thailand; the country of Myanmar. As he walked me through his culture and the artifacts within the exhibit. I could see memories resurfacing in his heart. He saw home, and at the same time remembered his calling and purpose here. I saw the heart for his home and the burden for his countrymen who are dominated by Buddhism (88%). I saw a man and his heart to love them but to love them with the gospel. His heart seemed to want to return one day and tell them about Christ the Lord. I expected to see other cultures, but I had no idea the Lord would put a man with a great cultural burden right before me.

What seemed to be an easy day away from class, now had filled my heart with a burden and my mind with passion. As I walked from exhibit to exhibit, I saw ancient civilizations that may or may not have had Christ. I saw pictures of people who are long gone but have left their influence forever in their families. I recall Paul who said, “To the weak I became weak, in order to win the weak. I have become all things to all people, so that I may by every possible means save some.” After talking to my classmate, I saw myself molding into his culture. Something about his heart wanted me to raise up and prepare to go to Myanmar. Then, walking around the museum I dreamed of myself witnessing in the Amazon, and to the Native Americans. I wondered what it would be like to travel the world for Christ’s glory. I wondered how hard it would be to become like them, but never cross the line of denying my God.

We have a God-given purpose. We should have a goal and that goal should be greater than ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you are from Myanmar or not; they need the gospel. What matters is that we walk in obedience to the Father and worship Him. Paul asked for prayer in the conclusion of Colossians. He wrote, “Pray for us that God may open a door to us for the word, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains…” This should consume our lives. A heart on mission pleading with God to open doors, and opportunity for us to be obedient. What greater charge have we? It may be here, or across the world. God simply wants your availability.
Serve well.

In His grace,
Pastor Josh