The Power of a Friend

Not too long ago, my wife, Peggy took a new job. She had an opportunity to work from home and still nurse. The trouble was, she needed an office at the house to work from. She really wanted my help and for whatever reason, she felt it was absolutely necessary. Turns out she was right… again. I had no idea this new company she was working for was sending her two computers, a printer, a shredder, and endless office supplies. For days it was as if the UPS delivery truck was at the house more than me. I couldn’t believe how much stuff her new company was sending her. It was clear that she needed someplace to put all of it. The kitchen table wasn’t going to work. So, I heard her plea and we decided to convert an extra bedroom into an office. The trouble was I had put off the project and she started work on Monday. EEK! So, we set a plan and went to work. During the process, God worked on my heart and I wanted to build her the nicest office she has ever sat in. We put in new flooring, painted the walls, ceiling and trim. Hung a ceiling fan, and mini blinds. We even installed some floating shelves with underlighting and custom-built a desk. The office turned out really nice and we were able to complete it within 24 hours. I was so proud, but I couldn’t have done it without her. Peggy can read a measuring tape, run a saw, use a nail gun, and she’ll work her tail off. Our teamwork makes the dream work. We strive for each other every day and many of you have a relationship very similar. A relationship that is so important; you give it you’re all. We see the beauty behind healthy relationships in marriages, parenting, and friendships. However, do we really cherish our relationships within the church? Do we see that together we can achieve anything? God gives us the gift of friendship not only because it brings us joy, but because it advances us, it builds us up and helps us grow. You have heard it said, “Many hands make light work.” This too is how it is when facing spiritual growth. When we have healthy believers in our lives; we are not alone. Galatians 6:2 reads, “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Don’t neglect what it means to have a good Christian friend. Don’t neglect what it means to be a friend.

In His grace,
Pastor Josh