Youth Group built on the Rock!

C – Coming together as the body of Christ.

O – Offering discipleship.

R – Reaching for God and others.

E – Equipping for service.


Come experience MCF Core – a youth group with purpose.  The Core is for kids grades 6-12 who are looking to grow in their walk with Jesus and encourage others to do the same.


Small Groups at 9:30am and 6:00pm


5:30 – 5:50pm – Fellowship Meal – Free for students

6:00pm – “The C.O.R.E.” meets for worship, discipleship and Bible Study in the youth room.

“"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor."”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭4:18-19‬ ‭

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This Wednesday we will be back at the Miller’s house and we will be walking through how the Gospel has and will prevail in the midst of hate and chaos, and how we as Christians are to respond. DM us if you need the address. Food will be provided. ...

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This Wednesday we are having a youth pool party at the Hathorn’s house. So invite your friends and bring your swim suite. Food will be provided 😋 Dm us if you need the address. ...

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That’s right we are meeting in person again! 🙌🏼 This week we will be meeting at the miller’s home for burgers, fellowship, and possibly a ping pong tournament. We hope to see you all out there this Wednesday night @6:00 if you need the address for the miller’s please DM us. ...

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This Wednesday we will be starting a guys and a girls online bible study through the book of acts
For more information message @sierraschueneman or @cadehathorn_13

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We won’t be meeting for youth tonight in person but we will be going live on Facebook @mcfstudentministry at 6:00pm to continue our study of Romans. Hope to see you all there dm me if you have any questions or if there is anyway we can serve you during this time. ...

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It’s that time again and the corona virus ain’t stopping us. We are doing another ask us anything tonight where we will be answering some of y’all’s questions about sexuality and purity. And nothing is off limits. So bring your hand sanitizer, face mask, and bibles because we are getting into it to tonight. ...

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Wanna know how to jam to Post Malone and share the gospel? Come out Wednesday night @6:00. @rachelcaldwell29 will be dropping some truth on us through God’s Word and her testimony. ...

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There is still time to sign up for our Student Missions week if you haven’t already! Dm us if you have any questions. ...

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Have you ever wondered how the Old Testament law applies to us as Christians? Because that is exactly what we will be discussing tonight @6:00 as we dive back into Romans 2:12-16. ...

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Should Christians attend a gay wedding?
Is drinking a sin? What about legal marijuana?
Tonight @6:00 we will be answering these questions and others that you guys have asked. So if you have ever wondered what the Bible has to say about these questions, than come out tonight!

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Theology matters in worship. We worship God for who He is and what He has accomplished.
Check out this song because we may or may not be starting youth worship and we may or may not be singing this song.👀🤷🏼‍♀️ "Grace Alone"

I was an orphan, lost at the fall
Running away when I'd hear You call
But Father, you worked your will
I had no righteousness of my own
I had no right to draw near Your throne
But Father, You loved me still

And in love, before You laid the world's foundation
You predestined to adopt me as Your own
You have raised me so high above my station
I'm a child of God by grace and grace alone

You left Your home to seek out the lost
You knew the great and terrible cost
But Jesus, Your face was set
I worked my fingers down to the bone
But nothing I did could ever atone
But Jesus, You paid my debt

By Your blood I have redemption and salvation
Lord, You died that I might reap what You have sown
And You rose that I might be a new creation
I am born again by grace and grace alone

I was in darkness all of my life
I never knew the day from the night
But, Spirit, You made me see
And I swore I knew the way on my own
A head full of rocks, a heart made of stone
But, Spirit, You moved in me

And at Your touch my sleeping spirit was awakened
On my darkened heart the light of Christ has shone
Called into a kingdom that cannot be shaken
Heaven's citizen by grace and grace alone

So I'll stand in faith by grace, and grace alone
I will run the race by grace and grace alone
I will slay my sins by grace and grace alone
I will reach the end by grace and grace alone

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Tonight @6:00 in the youth room. DM us if you have any questions about tonight or any thoughts on the topic. ...

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We have spent the past 2 months walking through Romans Chapter 1 and tonight we will be finishing Chapter 1 with a recap. So if you haven’t had a chance to come out, tonight would be the night. We start at 6:00 in the youth room. ...

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Tonight @6:00 we will be continuing our study of Romans and we will be covering some pretty controversial topics. Tonight is a night you definitely don’t want to miss out on. ...

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Such a great Q&A night. We love getting down to the nitty gritty so keep asking us questions and let’s do this again soon. & Thanks to @pastorj220 and @dannycaldwell3 for dropping some wisdom bombs on us tonight. ...

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Tonight we are taking a break from our Romans series and Pastor Josh and Danny are gonna spend sometime answering any questions y’all might have regarding God, the Bible, or Christianity. So come on out @6:00 tonight. Dm us for details. ...

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Come found out what these 3 circles mean tonight @6:00 as we continue our study of Romans. ...

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